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The Red Lion logo of Lion Lift Controls Limited derived from the Red Lion area of Bristol where the company was conceived in 1986.  Throughout the lift trade in the UK the Lion team has earned a reputation for its technical knowledge and ability to solve lift problems, for its sound, good-looking panels, and for its cheerful and helpful attitude to customers and suppliers alike.

Our range covers control panels from service lifts through to duplex full collective lifts.  Any motor control can be accommodated from single speed to high speed, closed loop VVVF control and any hydraulic control can be iincluded.

Lion believe that the over-riding needs of our customers are that panels should be easy to understand, quickly to install and reliable in service.   We have maintained a consistency of design throughout our panels over the years and follow a philosophy of making our designs only as technically complex as they need to be for any particular installation.  This does not mean we cannot encompass the advanced technology but rather that our understanding of it enables us to select the most suitable solution for our customer.

A considerable library of circuits has been compiled covering possibly every combination of additional features.  The company has gained a reputation for handling more demanding installations such as hazardous areas where intrinsically safe designs have to be incorporated.

We have a standard range of reliable components incorporated with the control panels, readily available from stockists nationwide.  We also incorporate customers' own preferred components into our designs upon request. 

Lion prides itself on the consistent reliability of its control panels which stems from its internal quality control procedures, specifically designed for the one-off nature of the business.

As one of the country's foremost manufacturers of lift control panels we believe that the overriding needs of our customers are that panels should be easy to install, easy to understand and very reliable in service.  To this end we produce clear diagrams, comprehensive manuals and an excellent after-sales service.