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In its early days the company concentrated on simple panels but the emphasis rapidly changed to modernisation work and involvement with various combinations of old and new equipment supplied by lift companies, both past and present.  Today LION handles all levels of work from APB to group systems covering all types of drives using advanced, modern technology, complying with an impressive range of specified options.

In the field of electro-hydraulic lifts a considerable library of circuits has been compiled covering possibly every combination of pump and valve system in use in the UK. LION tackles diverse applications in the repair and reconstruction field, both hydraulic and traction. The company has a reputation for handling installations such as slip ring, super tandem, intrinsically-safe and where old and/or mixed equipment is involved.

All systems are designed, programmed, built and tested in-house from APB to full collective duplex and for any drive system including  frequency drives (VVVF) and static converter drives (SCD).   Lion provides a range of ancillary equipment to support its panels including items such as car top control stations, detector heads and other shaft equipment. In addition LION frequently performs site surveys and provides a consultancy service.



LION prides itself on the consistent performance of its control panels which stems from its internal quality control procedures specifically designed to cope with the one-off nature of the business. The lift software programmes are written in house. Control of the lift is accomplished by using a programmable logic controller manufactured by Omron using the CPM units and all programmes are standard. Panels are fully tested before dispatch using our lift simulators. They are checked for sequence of operation, lift movements, door operations, indicators, components, software and wiring.



All our control panels are contained in standard steel enclosures with a semi-gloss finish with hinged doors. A removable gland plate is provided at the bottom of the cabinet for cable entry. Ample room is allowed between the terminal rail and the bottom of the enclosure for the incoming car and shaft wiring to be loomed. Inputs and outputs are indicated by LEDs to help with fault finding and checking lift operation. A fault screen with text can be added if required for monitoring operation and logging faults, with date and time.


Lift Systems

Manual doors or manual landing with auto car door APB or collective.

Simplex with powered doors APB interceptive collective, up or down collective, or full collective control.

Duplex lifts from a single riser of landing pushes manual or power doors with down or full collective control..

Service lifts and goods/passenger lifts with manual or power doors.

Simplex and Duplex control lifts are available with different drive systems.


System Features

  • Landing/car calls
  • Quick Close
  • Car priority switch/service switch
  • Auto fire return
  • Door protection
  • Lift inspection control
  • Hand winding mains power failure
  • Re-levelling up and down
  • Gate open warning
  • Microprocessor technology
  • Continuous display of calls, car position and direction
  • Low/high speed protection timer
  • Door motor protection timers
  • Anti-stall protection for traction elevators
  • Top of car inspection control facility
  • Call cancel timer
  • Position and direction indicators
  • Differential door timing
  • Stuck pushbutton protection
  • Homing to preselected floors in group


  • Door close pushbutton
  • VIP control
  • Automatic heavy Up/Down program
  • Floor position indicaton
  • Door hold button
  • Arrival gongs car and landing
  • Emergency recall
  • Trip counter
  • Speech synthesis
  • Fault logging with plain English text
  • Car overload inhibit
  • Homing
  • Hall lanterns
  • Arrival gongs
  • Engraved labelling
  • Ferruled wiring
  • Selective opening
  • Short floor capacity
  • Fire control
  • High/low inspection speed selector switch
  • Light-ray cut-out timer
  • Full load bypass weighing switch and warning buzzer
  • Intrinsic safe design

Technical Specifications

  • Drive Systems
    Single speed
    2 speed A.C.
    A.C. or D.C. variable speed
  • Control Systems
    Simple pushbutton (APB)
    Interceptive collective
    Down collective
    Full up and down collective
    Duplex control
  • Doors
    Manual doors or gates
    Automatic doors
    Selective automatic doors
    Opposite automatic doors
  • Operating Voltages
    Supply voltages: 380-415V A.C. 2 phase
    3 phase 50/60Hz
    Safety circuits: 120V D.C.A.C.
  • Pushes and auxiliary
    External light indicators: 12-24 V D.C. Input/Output Signal  Protection
    All input/output signals are optically isolated and filtered to the microprocessor.
    Full compliance with most international safety codes

              LED indicators are available for selective input/output signals

Specifications are subject to change without prior notice